Beware of Tech Support Scams

Have you received a call from someone claiming to be AllsolutionUS and asking for money and/or your account information so you can get a refund? Several scammers are contacting consumers claiming to be AllsolutionUS and/or that AllsolutionUS is no longer in business and the consumer is entitled to a refund. A few things to note about reputable Tech Support Companies:

  • Inbound Calls Only — Tech Support Agents will never call you unless you requested a callback.
  • Open for Business —US Tech Support has been in business for over 10 years.
  • Bank Account Information —AllsolutionUS will never ask for your bank account information. The scammers will use this information to steal your money while claiming they are going to deposit a refund.
  • Remote Computer Connection — US Tech Support will never ask to connect to your computer unless you request it first.

We have received several of these inquiries from customers and non-customers alike. Rest assured, AllsolutionUS will never call you to fix your computer as we only handle customer inquiries that come to us. A few ways to tell if it is a scammer:

  • The scammer will Call You — AllsolutionUS will never call you unless we are returning your call.
  • The scammer will ask to connect to your computer — AllsolutionUS will only connect to your computer because you asked.
  • Fake Phone Number — AllsolutionUS will only call you from a number that you can call back! If you suspect anything is wrong, please hang up and call our number on the website

Scammers will change their phone numbers through spoofing and dial thousands of people at a time in the hopes of contacting an unsuspecting consumer. If you have been contacted by a scammer, please contact your local representative and let them know you support

AllsolutionUS will never call you unless you ask, so we provide all our listed phone numbers to Nomorobo for Blacklisting to protect consumers from unwanted calls. Nomorobo has an algorithm for detecting high-frequency calling patterns. It can look at lots of calls and see which ones are auto-dialed by scammers. Nomorobo provides call blocking services to consumers directly

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