"Do Not Call" Policy for Consumers

December 17, 2018

AllsolutionUS respects the wishes of customers and prospective customers who do not wish to receive telephone solicitation calls. Accordingly, AllsolutionUS's policy prohibits all representatives, including its employees and independent contractors, from making telephone solicitation calls to anyone who did not put his or her telephone number on the national call-to-call registry, state do-call is. Except for the list, otherwise permitted by law, or requested that representatives of Allosolus not make such calls on their designated phone number (s).

AllsolutionUS maintains a company-specific do-not-call list and will honor the request that a phone number be placed on this list within a reasonable time of request. In the list of AllsolutionUS do-not-call a request can be made to give a phone number through one of the following: 1) By typing AllsolutionUS at the address below; 2) telephone AllsolutionUS on the phone number, or 3) informing the Allosolus representative who placed the telephone solicitation call. This list will not be sold or shared in any way (other than an Allosolush subsidiary or affiliate), without the prior permission of the requester.

Allow up to 30 days for the phone number (s) to be entered and honored in the AllsolutionUS do-not-call list. After that, there should be no further telephone solicitation calls from any AllsolutionUS representative. The phone number (s) will remain on the all-cause do-not-call list for five years (or longer if required by applicable law), unless the person requests the number to be removed.

If a listed telephone number changes, a separate request must be submitted to have a new phone number added to the AllsolutionUS do-not-call list.

AllsolutionUS employees or independent contractors who make telephone solicitation calls on behalf of AllsolutionUS are provided with training on call-to-call procedures, including but not limited to the use of the AllsolutionUS do-not-call list.

In addition, in compliance with federal regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Section 64.1200), we will mail a copy of this document in response to the consumer's request.

Telephone-sales rules typically allow companies to contact their own customers, even if those customers appear on national or state call-to-call lists. As such, we can still contact AllsolutionUS customers for non-solicitation purposes, including billing, claims, and other service-related matters. This helps ensure that we give our customers the best possible customer experience.

We are committed to ensuring compliance with all unenforceable call laws and regulations. Any questions related to the AllsolutionUS do-not-call policy may be directed to:


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